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Whatever your needs,we have excellent washbasin options for all kinds of bathrooms.
The many ways to position a washbasin
The location of the washbasin is usually determined by the existing water and sewage plumbing. Plumbing can naturally be moved, but often it’s easier to fit the washbasin, where there’s already plumbing in place. The recommended fitting height for washbasins is at 800–900 mm. In most cases washbasins are installed so that the upper edge is about 850 mm from the floor. Our range includes options for any space and location.
IDO washbasins are divided into four types: traditional washbasins, vanity tops, washbowls and vanity washbasins. Traditional washbasins are wall-mounted and often have a cabinet underneath. Instead of the cabinet you can install a pedestal or a semi-pedestal, which will support the wasbasin and hide the pipes. Countertop washbasins are built into a counter which forms the top of the cabinet underneath. Washbowls sit on top of a vanity unit, like a washing bowl in the old times. Vanity washbasins are installed into a hole cut in the top of a cabinet, either from the top or from below. And if your bathroom is particularly small, you could consider installing a corner washbasin.

A washbasin should endure heavy use
Bathroom washbasins have to endure a lot in their lifetime. They are used for everything from scrubbing off dirt after tinkering with car engines to hand-washing delicate items of laundry, and the chemicals involved are not always of the mildest kind. This is why washbasins have to be hard-wearing. Another important thing to remember is that washbasins need to be mounted securely. The wall material in your bathroom determines whether you can use screws or need mounting brackets. IDO washbasins are made of glazed porcelain. Glazed porcelain is easy to clean and remains looking good year after year. Porcelain is a natural material, which is why the dimensions of our porcelain products may vary slightly (+/- 2%). Remember this, when measuring the space for your new washbasin.