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The mood in your bathroom is ultimately down to furniture and lighting.

Colours and options
Cabinets and their colours are usually the most visible part of bathroom decor. If you need to brighten up your day, choose colourful or high-gloss doors. If you prefer a more subdued style, take a look at our wooden cabinet doors.

Wood is a living material
The beauty of wood lies in its vitality. The appearance of wood can vary according to the age or habitat of the tree, for example. Therefore the colours and patterns of the wooden furniture that we deliver to your home may be a bit different from those shown in the catalogue or displayed in our showroom. Over time, wood may take on a deeper shade.

Think about the layout
While colours and materials are naturally matters of taste, the layout of your bathroom furniture is all about functionality. The frames and fronts of our cabinets are made of moisture-proof materials, and we treat them with a range of moisture-repellent finishes that make them easier to clean. All our wooden furniture is finished with a coat of hardwearing, acid-cured varnish. Even though our furniture is fairly moisture-resistant, long-term exposure to water should be avoided. For this reason the furniture should be at a sufficient distance from the shower or bath. Always wipe off any splashes of water with a dry cleaning cloth.

IDO cabinets are delivered fully-assembled
The frames of all our bathroom cabinets are delivered fully assembled, which makes fitting them quick and easy. The only exceptions to this are some base units in the IDO Renova series and the IDO Smart range, which are delivered flat-packed, making it easier to transport them to your home, even in a smaller car. Most of our cabinets are designed for wall-mounting or to be placed against a wall, and optional leg sets are available for all models. Leg sets should be used especially with our heavier cabinets, such as the 1,200-mm base unit and the 500-mm tall cabinet in the IDO Trend range.

Create the atmosphere with lighting
There are two kinds of lights in a good bathroom. We always recommend that you use ceiling lighting as the main source of light in your bathroom. A soft ceiling light turns your bathroom into a pleasant and tranquil space and is adequate when you just need to have a quick shower or a relaxing bath. Carefully positioned spotlights are essential, when you need to see clearly – in front of the makeup mirror or when sorting out the laundry, for example. IDO mirrors and mirror-fronted cabinets are supplied with fluorescent lamps that imitate the colour of daylight. Therefore, when you look in the mirror, you see yourself in the right light. The LED lights at the bottom of IDO Select mirror-fronted cabinets provide ample lighting for the washbasin, while consuming only minimal electricity.

Remember safety
Bathroom is a wet premise, which sets strict requirements to electrical appliances in order to ensure safety. Any electrical wiring should always be left to the professionals. An electrician will know, which IP ratings are required of lamps and sockets in each area.